Pragatti International School holds Career Guidance Event for its Students

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Pragatti International School holds Career Guidance Event for its Students

A career refers to an occupation one takes up for a long period of time. Each profession comes with its own limitations and advantages. Choosing a career based on one's personality, aptitude, and skills can make the process of getting proper qualifications easier. A career path can be defined as a long term plan including a series of potential jobs to advance in a particular industry. However, choosing a career can be a multifaceted problem. 


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Picking a Career

Picking a Career

Career development is closely tied with education. Choosing a career requires a lot of patience, research and self-analysis. If a child opts for a stream or career that he or she can not enjoy, further education will become frustrating instead of enriching. Therefore, it is essential for students to have clarity of purpose and goals while opting for higher education or choosing subjects. 

Being clear on the profession one wants to join can make the process smoother and allow better use of opportunities. However, children might find it difficult to choose one that suits them in the diverse and vast professional landscape.

Children who have been exposed to a wider range of interests and activities find it easier to choose an appropriate and suitable occupation. Lately, various schools and educational institutions have begun incorporating different events and career guidance to help students.


How can Career Cells in Schools Help? 

How can Career Cells in Schools Help? 

Career cells or in-house committees provide career guidance to address the issue of choosing a good career. Children are routinely informed about various possible career choices. Students are taught how to best approach them such as the kind of skills, experience, degrees, and knowledge required for their optimal career choice

Such cells also hold events where they invite professionals to come and educate the students about their occupation. Some of these include counsellors whom the students can approach individually for career guidance. 


How Pragatti International School Helped its Students

How Pragatti International School Helped its Students

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Pragatti International School is an English medium coed school based in the suburbs of Pune, Maharashtra. This day school was established in 2019 and offers classes up to grade 10. It is affiliated with the CBSE board. 

Pragatti International School follows its vision to help each student discover and nurture his/her unique talent. The school prides itself on building its students' self-confidence and nurturing a positive attitude. In line with this thought, the school organised a career cell event for its students in class 9th and 10th. The speaker was Mr. Amit Deokule

Amit Deokule is a coach with experience in guiding and leading people for more than ten years. He's a life balance/master spirit life coach at CCA, Canada. He's also an executive leadership coach at MGSCC, and NLP certified, emotional intelligence practitioner. He is an executive of the Cognitive Exchange (CE) program in California, USA to inculcate leadership and personality skills among students. He has held conferences with numerous organisations and has personally coached over 125 people. This respectable personality held the session to motivate the students to choose a profession that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives. 


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