How to boost immunity for growing kids, especially during the pandemic

Tanmay Tandon
a month ago
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How to boost immunity for growing kids, especially during the pandemic

Source: The Indian Express

A year ago, nobody could have imagined that anything like a pandemic could occur and that our worlds would turn upside down. COVID-19 has had an all-surrounding effect on our lives. Most of us are facing challenges; not only related to dealing with COVID but, financial challenges, lack of food/shelter/ employment/ social communications, etc. It is not easy dealing with something that has sneaked into every decision of our lives – be it education, to food, to holidays or even weddings. The second wave has impacted us even more since there is almost no one who has not lost a close friend or a loved one. With multiple variants in the country, we should look after each other. We must keep our immunity high so that, god forbid, one contracts the virus- the body has the power to fight off the virus.
Increasing immunity is the new obsession.

To keep our immunity high, health specialists have recommended different types of immunity boosters for children and adults alike. Some of the immunity boosters that are suggested are:
•    Vitamin C
•    Vitamin D
•    Vitamin A
•    Vitamin E
•    Zinc Supplements
•    Omega 3 fatty acids

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