Baby is born with instincts you didn’t know about

Mayank Jain
10 days ago
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Baby is born with instincts you didn’t know about

Source: Times of India

When you touch a newborn’s tiny palm and he grasps your finger with unusual strength like he does not intend to let you go. Such involuntary movements or actions are referred to as reflexes. Parents must be surprised to know that babies are born with as many as 75 reflexes. Some of the reflexes disappear with age and are replaced with other actions. 
One of the most common of the numerous involuntary movements of newborns is the rooting reflex. This reflex starts when parents stroke the corner of the mouth or the cheek of the baby. They automatically turn towards the hand, which helps them find the bottle to begin feeding. This automatic response goes away in 4 months
Moro or Startle Reflex
The startle reflex is present in varying degrees in different babies. This reflex is at its peaks during the first month and then disappears after two months. In this reflex when parents lay their babies on their back abruptly or shift the position of the head, you will notice that babies will extend their arms and legs as if they are trying to grab the parents. This simply means that baby wants to be held more gently.
Grasping or palmar grasp
This reflex helps babies grab onto things like a parent’s finger or any other thing that touches their palm. They will curl their fingers and hold the thing tightly. The grasping reflex disappears at around 5 to 6 months of age. Even when parents stroke the sole of their feet they will see that they will curl toes tightly.
Stepping reflex
The Stepping reflex allows parent babies to put one foot in front of the other when their feet touch a firm surface. The stepping reflex is commonly visible in the first month and disappears as soon as babies touch the mark of 4 months. These reflexes again show up when the baby turns 1. Parent’s baby cannot support their weight, so if parents try these reflexes at home make sure they should hold their neck and back correctly.

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