Advantages and disadvantages of freezing eggs and using IVF

Shramana Biswas
24 days ago
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Pros and cons of IVF and freezing eggs

Motherhood is the start of a life-changing journey for a woman. However, it can be different and difficult for a lot of people. Women with progressive reproductive disorders might be forced to delay pregnancy and freeze their eggs. Women who have life-threatening or critical diseases like cancer, also face problems in getting pregnant. Some working voluntarily women choose to become a mother later in life in order to protect their careers.

Freezing eggs and IVF can be extremely helpful for women who are looking to be mothers but have trouble conceiving or carrying a pregnancy. It's safe, effective, and extremely helpful for many women who want to experience motherhood. It also enables genetic screening to make sure the child is completely healthy.

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However, freezing eggs and IVF has some disadvantages of its own. The system is highly expensive. Sometimes even an IVF might fail and result in loss of pregnancy. Children born from IVF may be born prematurely and be slightly underweight. However, it is best to consult a doctor to know more about the pros and cons of freezing eggs.

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