Address proof required for school admissions

Mayank Jain
23 days ago
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Address proof for admissions

School admissions and applications require a lot of documents and affidavits. These documents help in proving and verifying one's identity and place of stay. Failure in proving one's identity and address can result in cancellation of the application which means that your child will not be able to get admitted in their dream school.


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Most schools have a set list of documents that they require to confirm the application and admission of students. They generally ask for common address proof which is easily available to parents. Address proof also ensures that the school authorities can reach you if your child faces any problem in school.


Here is a list of address proofs that are accepted by most schools in Delhi:-


  • Aadhaar card


  • Voter card


  • Ration card


  • Passport of both parents


  • Electricity/water/MTNL telephone bill


Things to remember:-


  • Schools may ask for 2 address proof where rent agreements and bank statements will not be considered.


  • Rent agreements are usually not accepted anywhere. However, sometimes they may accept an agreement if you have stayed for at least 3 years.
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