Parents, Guardians Asked To Strengthen Their Parenting Skills

Tanmay Tandon
13 days ago
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Parents, Guardians Asked To Strengthen Their Parenting Skills

Source: Kenya news

Parents and guardians of adolescent children especially the class 8 leavers have been advised to strengthen their parenting skills so that they are able to guide them effectively.

It is at this stage that the children can either build or destroy their future permanently, therefore the importance of parental engagement that can enable them to do away with negative influence and focus only on things that can impact positively in the life.

Ms Faith Mutegi, a professional counselor it was important that guidance was offered and that it should be timely so as to cushion the young people in the community before they embarked on experimenting with things that could end up being disastrous.

She described the scenarios  cautioning them on the dangers of abusing drugs that they had not been prescribed by a medical doctor. She warned that drug abuse led to various consequences such as hallucinations, addiction, school dropout, poverty, and sometimes death which was a blow to the family and the community as the youth were the future of the society.

She warned that the future was determined by the decision that one made whether one will have a better or poor future in their lives.

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