Pandemic parenting in COVID carnage

Tanmay Tandon
8 days ago
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Pandemic parenting in COVID carnage

Source: The Hindu

Suneeta Verma, whose husband died of COVID, is focused on making ends meets, so she can bring up her six-year-old daughter to do better than to work in other people’s houses for slight amount of money.

Sneha Mitra is looking for a counsellor for her four-year-old son. The family lost two elderly relatives whose laps he would fall into daily. He is stating his grief in the way children his age would, with anger, disruption, and clinginess to his mother who also went into COVID quarantine.

Jatin Singh is challenging his own humanity, and though he has put in place devices to take the virus head on, he worries, wondering aloud whether to adopt a COVID orphan.

For many, parenting in 2020 was about tests with online classes, keeping kids occupied with board games so they wouldn’t become screen dependent, and explaining the gravity of the pandemic. 

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