Kids and sleep issues in the pandemic: Here’s what parents need to know

Tanmay Tandon
4 days ago
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Kids and sleep issues in the pandemic: Here’s what parents need to know

Source: The Indian Express

The pandemic has been an devastating experience for adults and children alike. For kids, especially, it has taken away their sense of routine and normal life. Instead of getting to step out, they are now doing all of their activities at home, as a consequence of which, their sleep schedules have gone for a toss.

This lack of night-time discipline is the reason why many children are sleeping late, waking up at odd hours, and finding it hard to go back to sleep.

She suggests parents do these nine simple activities with their kids:

1. Get them to do some physical activity.
2. Connect with them one-on-one through the day.
3. Give them space and privacy.
4. Do not insist on obedience.
5. Avoid talking about anxiety-inducing news, even if they think the child will not understand it.
6. Limit their device use.
7. Look into any kind of cyber-bullying [which may be keeping the child awake at night].
8. Help children with their academic performance. Help them with their homework completion, or with projects that are due.
9. Stick to a routine.

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