6 Instagram accounts to make you see the funny side of parenting

Tanmay Tandon
10 days ago
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6 Instagram accounts to make you see the funny side of parenting

Source: Vouge.in

It’s been a long lockdown, and no one has felt it like parents—from keeping the kids occupied to dealing with their tantrums. If you're looking for the silver lining of the experience, check out these funny Instagram accounts now

•    @Momcomnyc
•    @ScaryMommy
•    @Mommyneedsalife
•    @Noideadaddyblog
•    @Hurrahforgin
•    @Sarcastic_mommy

There's a hilarious video doing the rounds of comic Shraddha Jain in one of her avatars as Mrs Kulkarni, talking about the experience of online schooling her first grader.

The footage has already received more than 2,96,000 views and shared hundreds of times by we-told-you-so parents. The lockdown has been hard for everyone, but parents everywhere are especially feeling the strain of juggling work with the 24x7 task of parenting. However, there's also a funny side to the experience—and these Instagram accounts do a great job of capturing it. 

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