Delhi Nursery School admission rush starts today

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Delhi Nursery School admission rush starts today

Applications for entry or nursery level admissions in Nursery, KG or Class 1 to private and unaided schools open today with the process being completely online in most prominent schools. The forms for the same will be available from today and the applications will close on the 7th of January. The first list of the selected children will be released and displayed on the 4th of February. All schools have uploaded their respective admission criteria on their websites as well as on the common portal . In most prominent schools, forms are required to be downloaded and submitted along with the online payment of registration fees. However, physical submission too is a prevalent option in most schools. Majorly, 50% seats in these entry-level classes are open for admission through this system. 25 % of these seats are mandatorily reserved for EWS/DG and children with disabilities while 20% of the "Management Quota" are to be filled according to the school's discretion. The remaining 5% seats are reserved for staff wards under the "Ward Quota". 


Much akin to previous years, this year too, proximity to schools or simply the distance carries the highest weightage to determine eligibility . This implies that closer the candidate's residence to the school, higher are the chances of admission. While the Distance Criterion carries the heighest weightage , it varies in the terms of measurement and the no. of points allotted by different schools. For instance-:

  • Mother’s International School has provided four lists of localities — those residing in list 1, closest to the school, receive 40 points; list 2 receive 30 points; and so on. Residents of areas not in any lists will receive zero distance points.
  • Venkateshwara International School Sector 10, Dwarka will award 70 points to those living within a 15-kilometre radius and 60 to those living beyond that.
  • Bluebells School International awards 50 points to those whose addresses are along existing junior school bus routes.  



Others have chosen a different system. At Raghubir Singh Junior Modern School,  outof 180 seats in pre-school, candidates for 39 seats will be selected through draw of lots. Apart from seats reserved for management’s discretion, EWS and staff’s wards, 27 seats are reserved for children with siblings in the school and 27 for those with a parent who is an alumnus . Almost all schools have additional points for children with sibling in school and those with a parent who is an alum. Several other schools have additional criteria they have been given the freedom to choose — junior branches of DPS R K Puram have 5 points for girl children, while Mother’s International has 10 points for the same; Ahlcon International School has 5 points for a child of a single parent, or a first child or girl child. The upper age limit for admission to nursery is less than four years as on March 31, 2022, less than five years for KG and less than six years for class I. 


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