6-year-olds to be taught coding by four platforms

Mayank Jain
23 days ago
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Coding platform for kids

Source: India Today.

Coding will help the children to develop an essential skill of imagining and building a better future and in becoming a better problem solver in this digital era. 

Integration of technology in education has also given a unique opportunity to Edtech start-ups like Toppr, Vedantu, etc. This will also enable children to work in the field of Artificial Intelligence and enter the world of New age technology.

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The 4 platforms teaching kids how to code are:

1. Toppr Codr: It teaches young minds on how to create their own apps, games, and other interactive platforms using creative methods.
2. Vedantu Super Kids: Along with a project-driven coding programme for students, it also stresses on the developmental outcomes, including cognitive, sensory, and linguistic. 
3. Whitehat Jr: This platform allows children to learn programming through developing games, animations, etc. It aims at empowering children to view themselves as creators and become frontier inventors of the new world.
 4. Code Chef by Unacademy: This platform helps the programmers to get a foothold in computer programming through active participation via contests.

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