5 valuable things to make your kid a good human being

Kajori Biswas
13 days ago
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Source: The Indian Express

Adaptation and adjustments along with embracing gratitude are what we all have learnt together in COVID-19. Your kids learn by observing you. If you will embrace gratitude in front of them, the same thing they will be doing.

  • Survival skills such as cooking, cleaning and other basic skills such as changing the bulb, self-defence, are necessary and should be learnt by everyone, irrespective of their gender. Hence, practice gender equality from the first school i.e., home.
  • Be always open to communication. Further, show your kids by examples of how they can stay with truth and fairness to live a peaceful life.
  • If you are a believer of non-violence then, show it to your kid by actually helping people and even animals. Not for the sake of showing but because you want to do it. 

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  • Further, if you are actually a good human being then, you might love to help a person who works day and night just for their survival needs. A note of Rs. 10 might not mean much for you but for them it does.
  • Doing something for other people automatically brings a feeling of empathy. And that's how your kid will learn it.
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