34 Schools in Ghaziabad might Lose Accredition for Breaking the RTE

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Abhilasha Rai
8 months ago
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34 Schools in Ghaziabad might Lose Accredition for Breaking the RTE

More than 30 private schools in the city may lose their accreditation because they have not complied with the Right to Education Act’s requirements to reserve 25% of their seats for children between the ages of three and six who come from economically disadvantaged groups and weaker sections.

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The administration and education department created a list of schools that had not distributed seats under the RTE category in response to complaints. It was discovered that 54 private schools were breaking the RTE Act by refusing to admit children from economically weaker sections of society and other disadvantaged sectors. These schools have already received notices from the administration. 20 of them reacted to the notices and followed the rules but there are still 34 other schools left to respond to the notice as pointed out by Ghaziabad magistrate Gambhir Singh.

He also added that the administration is further planning to write to the Central Board of Secondary Education and Uttar Pradesh State Board of High School and Intermediate Education to derecognise these schools, final decision will be taken at the meeting scheduled on Friday. 

Source: Hindustan Times

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