16—year-old girl and her initiative against Food Wastage and Hunger

2 months ago
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Meet 16-year-old Taira Bhargava, a student of class 10 at Shri Ram School, Moulsari in Gurugram, who has started the “Double Roti project” that delivers wasted (but hygienic) food from local bakeries and supermarkets to people in need. 

Taira was hit by a realisation after attending a lavish wedding last year. The sight of large quantities of food being wasted and thrown into the bin left her feeling disturbed. As she watched this, the thought that so many people go to bed without food plagued her mind. It gave her a purpose to live and made her realize that we all are empowered to make a difference, if only we wish to. 

This moment of realisation prompted Taira to come up with the idea of collaborating with a bakery in the city to supply bread at various locations three days a week. The initiative was named Double Roti which means ‘bread’, her aim is to address two issues–feed the hungry and ensure that surplus food does not go to waste. 

With the help of a logistics company, she ensures that bread from the bakery is picked up and sent across to two or three different homes and boarding schools in the city. 

“As of now we are feeding about 300 to 400 hungry people each week, and with raising larger amounts of money, the hope is to reach an increased number of people and tie up with more food outlets in the city,” she says.