Can you Learn the Art of Public Speaking Online?

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Learning the Art of Public Speaking Online

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.- Albert Einstein"

In today’s highly competitive world, the demand for effective communication in both the professional and academic arenas is increasing at a rapid pace. Public speaking is an important aspect of effective communication. People generally have a great fear of public speaking. School children, in particular, have terrible stage fright and a fear of public speaking. Fear of public speaking is so detrimental to a student’s life that it should be addressed as soon as possible.  With the widespread adoption of virtual meetings, one frequently asked question is, “What is an online public speaking class like?”

Online virtual meetings have become the backbone of organisational communications, and parents are looking for resources to help their children learn how to be effective in such virtual environments. In this article, We’ll talk about the general value of public speaking. We’ll also go over the three different types of virtual public speaking classes, as well as what makes a virtual speaking class effective so that parents can figure out what works best for their children. 


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What is Public Speaking? 

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Public speaking is essentially a live presentation in front of an audience. Public speeches can cover a wide range of topics. The purpose of the speech could be to educate, entertain, or influence the audience. To supplement the speech, visual aids in the form of an electronic slideshow are frequently used. This makes public speaking more appealing to the audience.


Benefits of Public Speaking

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Public speaking is an excellent way to develop your child's personality. Here are a few advantages of public speaking you can look up to:

  • Unlocks Creativity and Imagination: Children are known to yield the great power of creativity and imagination. This creativity and imagination in children can further be enhanced through public speaking as it unlocks for them a new world to explore. As they hone their public speaking skills, they can tell stories, and create them, in fact. Public speaking, for children, gives them a great opportunity to communicate their creative capabilities to the world via their speech.
  • Enhances Research Skills: In order to give an effective public presentation, your child must thoroughly research the topic. Through the art of public speaking, your child will learn where to get the information your child needs for each presentation and how to determine whether it’s reliable and relevant. As the child gains more experience in public speaking, it will automatically improve their research skills.
  • Improves Deductive Skills: Public speaking requires your child to work from a premise and draw a conclusion based on the facts he has examined. This is referred to as deductive reasoning. Deductive thinking is another important skill that the speech and writing process involves. Deductive reasoning, like many other skills, is developed through public speaking practice and is useful in everyday life.
  • Improves Oral Communication Skills: Oral communication is the ability to speak verbally. Public speaking is an example of oral communication. The more speeches your child practises, the better your child will become at speaking in public. Those improved oral communication skills can be applied not only to future presentations but also to everyday conversation. Gradually, children become confident to communicate and speak in public. For instance, click here to have a look at how little Mishika delivers a great talk with ease!
  • Advocate for Causes that are important to your Child: Another significant benefit of public speaking is that it allows your child to effectively promote issues that are important to them. Because of the improved public speaking skills, your child can prepare and deliver an excellent presentation that will raise awareness of the cause. Your child might even be able to use his/her public speaking skills to persuade others to take action.


Learning the Art of Public Speaking Online

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The internet is the most useful technology of our time, assisting us not only in our personal lives but also in our professional lives. It is widely used in education to gather information, conduct research, and expand one's knowledge of various subjects. The internet is extremely important in education as it offers great support to today's educational needs. Every field of education is in one or the other way depending on the internet, especially after the Pandemic time when the internet was the only medium of learning. It gives your child the knowledge and confidence to face the world.  And facing the world will require your child to possess the power of speech. Giving a great speech is a huge accomplishment. A stirring rendition is both exhilarating and uplifting for an audience. It's easy to assume that a powerful speech comes naturally to the speaker because it appears so effortless. The key to being one of the best public speakers, however, is to understand what each speech or presentation requires and to be aware of what your child has to offer. 

It may appear rather absurd to learn public speaking through online classes. But it's not an impossibility, especially if your child has the right medium of learning. Spark Studio is one such medium. 

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Spark Studio provides incredible online extracurricular training and certification programmes for children aged 5 to 15 years, with a focus on developing kids' creativity and confidence through high-quality live online programmes. Furthermore, Spark Studio creates structured lesson plans that are tailored to each child. 

Spark Studio's customised Public Speaking Training course covers all aspects, knowledge, and skills needed to speak in front of a group of people. The courses at Spark studio have been exclusively designed by expert teachers and successful artists in the industry. This course, with its in-depth approach to building confidence and creating actionable awareness, can benefit anyone who needs to learn about speech delivery, giving oral presentations, or public speaking. Spark Studio's Public Speaking course will give parents and its students the in-depth knowledge they need to understand the concept of public speaking in a variety of situations. The knowledge and skills they gain from this training will enable them to overcome their fear of public speaking and help them to gain the needed confidence.  Additionally, the course includes an assessment that will allow the students to gauge their proficiency in public speaking and their ability to speak with assurance in front of sizable crowds.

Click here to listen to what a parent has to say about their experience with Spark Studio!


Virtual Public Speaking Classes can work in  Three Different Ways:

  1. Recorded Online Public Speaking Course: The best approach to studying public speaking is through recorded internet courses. It allows for the quick recording of advice and knowledge. But remember that to get the most from an online speaking course, your child must locate a place where they can put their newfound knowledge into practice. Similar to swimming, your child has to practise in the pool before he/she can actually learn how to do it. It is insufficient to observe others perform it.
  2. Live Public Speaking Webinar/Webcast: A live public speaking webinar is the next degree of complexity. If your child wants a “download” of information similar to a recorded online course but prefers to have an instructor available to answer questions, live webinars are a great option. However, just like a recorded online course, your child will need to find their own space to practise what he has learned.
  3. Online Classes for Public Speaking: Many platforms offer courses and webinars, but our live, online classes are top recommendations. Online public speaking classes provide the best of everything: great content, an interactive instructor, live practice, and feedback. Your child will not only learn intellectually but will also have the opportunity to practise in front of a live audience and receive professional feedback from a trained instructor.


How do Online Public Speaking Classes work? 

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An online public speaking class at Spark Studio

By taking public speaking classes, people can overcome their fear of public speaking and improve their verbal communication skills. An online class, unlike an in-person class, may ask your child to record a speech at home and upload it as an assignment to be critiqued, give a speech over a virtual video conferencing tool like Zoom, or use virtual reality to practise in front of a simulated audience. Students who successfully complete a course have been known to use their improved public speaking skills to change careers or obtain a promotion.

A typical online public speaking class includes lessons on confident body language and tone of voice, reducing the use of filler words, and anxiety-reduction techniques. Graded assignments, peer review sessions, and detailed information on how to study your audience are common features of more comprehensive classes. The length of classes varies. Some courses are taught in as little as one hour, while others last six or seven months. The majority of online classes have no prerequisites.

On your child's public speaking journey, there is always something new to discover when they question you to open your mind. Spark Studio's online classes cover a wide range of topics, including the fundamentals of public speaking, media training, acting, speaking on camera, presentation design, and much more. Whether your children are new to public speaking and want to improve their communication skills, or your children are seasoned professionals looking to learn new techniques and take their studies to the next level, these tutorials taught by experts and pros can help. Learn everything there is to know about body language, confidence, voice improvement, and presentation skills. Classes are divided into short lessons, with hands-on projects and the support of a large community of students.


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What Does an Online Public Speaking Course Cost?

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Online public speaking courses can cost anything from nothing at all to hundreds of dollars. When an online course has quizzes, peer reviews, individualised feedback, or a completion certificate, the cost is typically higher. Free or inexpensive classes typically only include pre-recorded videos and exercise recommendations, with no chance to turn in graded assignments or receive a certificate.

Spark Studio, for instance, will offer a great learning experience at a very affordable cost. You can also place a refund request anytime during the course. As per this policy, the company shall refund fees, post deduction of statutory taxes such as GST, on prorated basis i.e. refund of fees shall be towards classes pending 24 hours after your request is received i.e. if you have paid for a 12-session course and request for a refund after 8 sessions have passed, then the company shall be liable to refund the fee amount towards the pending future classes i.e. 4 sessions.

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Mode of Refund and Process:

  • The refund will be processed through the same mode as your    mode of payment (credit card/bank transfer/etc.)
  • Refunds will be processed no later than 10 business days from receiving your    request
  • Refund requests must be made by emailing

Exchange: You may also request to take credit and adjust the refund amount.


Tips to Improve your Child's Public Speaking 

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Here are some ideas for boosting self-esteem and breaking down social barriers for your kids:

  • Teach your child to start talking to people around, starting at home, then at work, then in public places, and so on, little by little until you see results.
  • Ask them to Say hello whenever they enter any place, even if it’s just a few words, so your child can strike up a conversation with them later.
  • Pay attention to how your child speaks, instil confidence in your child's responses by responding on time, and avoid discussing or revealing their shyness to anyone.
  • Remember their positive traits and work hard to improve them in order to boost their self-esteem.
  • Try talking in front of some people, either at work or home, about your thoughts or ideas.
  • Be specific about what your child wants to communicate: Know the message your child wants to convey. Try to be as concise as possible while communicating. Over-communicating and under-communicating are both ineffective. Know exactly what your child wants to communicate and try to phrase it so that it explains itself completely in as few words as possible.
  • Understand the receiver/s. Knowing who your child is going to communicate with allows them to communicate more effectively. Teach your child to adapt the message to the audience’s preferences, but try to keep the message’s core purpose constant.
  • Take note of nonverbal communication. Nonverbal communication is an important aspect of communication.

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