Boarding School Education: Redefining the Educational Experience

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Shraya Saha
a year ago
Boarding School Education: Redefining the Educational Experience

In today’s scenario, parents often opt to admit their children to the schools in their vicinity. In a way, this puts in place a predisposed boundary on children. It creates a comfortable cocoon around them within which they are more than happy to learn and perform. Have you ever thought of broadening the horizon of possibilities for your child? Most parents shy away from the idea of boarding schools because of the separation factor. While it is difficult for both parent and child to be away from each other, the obvious and crucial advantages of a boarding school education deserve a second thought.

Here are a few advantages that we would like to bring to your notice:

  • Boarding schools inculcate punctuality and instil discipline among young scholars. Each and every activity at a boarding school takes place according to a fixed timetable and students are expected to honour it. Punctuality and disciple are qualities that these children learn for a lifetime.
  • Most children are dependent in some form or the other on their parents for tasks they can usually accomplish on their own. Being away at a boarding school gives you no choice but to be responsible for your own well-being. At an early stage, students are encouraged to be smart, outspoken and confident individuals. They are exposed to challenging routines and circumstances in the early stages of their life. Overcoming these challenges puts in place a sense of self-assurance and self-confidence which are virtues that give them an extra boost in life. 
  • Attending school for five hours a day is less advantageous in case of extra-curricular activities as compared to boarding school children, who live on campus. They get proper exposure to extracurriculars and have the facilities at their disposal on a daily basis. This works wonders for cultivating skills in fine arts, performing arts and sports. It also instils a sense of team spirit in them as they prepare for competitions as a team.
  • When it comes to academics, there can be a number of distractions in a student’s home life. Boarding school children are spared this inconvenience as their timetables are formulated in such a way that they get optimal time to focus on learning. Their timetable is consistent throughout the academic year and they are usually under strict supervision. This is a major factor why boarding school children usually perform better in academics.
  • Any form of meditation or prayer is an intrinsic part of boarding school culture. These practices promote positivity, greater self-acceptance and a sense of self-identity. Children from different cultures and backgrounds are all subject to the same facilities, rules and restrictions. It nurtures in young children a perspective to look at things without judgement.
  • An added bonus of choosing boarding schools is that the faculty is outstanding. They usually hire teachers with degrees in their fields and a good many years of experience under their belts. They are passionate about teaching and because they do not have to worry about disciplining the students like their public school counterparts, focus on imparting skills to children that will last them a lifetime. 
  • Usually, boarding schools have 50-60 students enrolled in a class or even lower. This works wonders to optimise the student-teacher ratio. One cannot hide in a class that small. A student has to participate when called upon for a response. You will never just be a number in a boarding school and that is why boarding schools, as a rule, are not very large. 
  • Living away from home and on campus in a dorm setting provides invaluable opportunities for personal growth. Boarding school students tend to develop life skills such as time management, work ethic, and social maturity in an accelerated manner as compared to public school students. Learning to live and thrive among a diverse group of peers has the potential to lead to disagreements. Yet this dynamic paves the way for broadened world views and social maturity. Students learn valuable life lessons about connection and resolving conflict. As a result, they're often more socially prepared and ready to embrace a world full of different people with contrasting points of view.   

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The opportunity to join clubs and participate in extracurriculars and compete on state and national levels gives boarding school students a chance to stretch their capabilities and learn new skills and discover more about who they are. Boarders often have a strong sense of community. When students share their life and grow up together outside of the constraints of a private day school or public school setting, they build a sense of belonging and community that is unparalleled and most of them will agree that it is much more fun! Boarding schools are twenty-four-hour, intentional communities which cater to students’ growth and development at the centre. Boarding school children usually have higher rates of succeeding because their education includes challenging academics, abundant arts and athletics offerings and a supervised, structured student life experience. More parents in India should give this option a thought.

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