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The Manthan School

In Grades   
Pre Nursery


School Category Coed
School Type Senior Secondary
School Board CBSE
School Timings 8 am to 2.20 pm
Year Established 2017


  • World Class Campus
    • The Master Plan of the 2.5 acres institution campus has been developed keeping in mind universal design principles so as to allow a barrier-free access in the vicinity. Being a Mahagun venture, the school building is environment friendly and intents to create a holistic ambiance with greens in harmony with the built environment. Intermediate gardens, indoor green play areas, free-flow circulations, interesting play of spaces and light - our modern design built-up provides an aesthetically pleasing and hence motivating environment for the students. Our classrooms are large, air conditioned and well lit with the smart and interactive learning techniques. The school contains four blocks namely: Nursery,Administrative ,Secondary and Recreational. These blocks have been strategically located to ensure minimum interferences in respective functions and facilities. We understand that the needs and requirements of the nursery and secondary schools are different and thus they have been designed in such a way that both the zones do not collide or overlap each other.
  • Laboratories
    • We take pride in providing state-of-the-art facilities to the Manthanites. Various labs in the school enable students to apply theory in practice. Students have access to all the labs in the school such as: Computer lab, Science lab, Photography and Film Making lab and Robotics lab. Digital Language Lab at Manthan helps students develop good listening skills that aid the process of communication. Dedicated three Digital Labs to help students realize that technology is not only a vehicle for learning, but also for creating and bringing imaginative ideas to life.
  • Audio Visual Room
    • Audio Visual room is well equipped with all the latest technology. Its multipurpose usage for assembly function, parent orientation, lesson enrichment also makes it a good utility space for learning.
  • Open Air Theatre
    • The most artistically designed open air theatre adds aesthetic value to the elegant design and beautiful landscaping of the school. Besides its scenic beauty it provides ample space for activities such as street plays, art/sketch/painting competitions, festival celebrations, for meditating, for yoga and also it provides a platform to enhance oratory skills for the young leaders of tomorrow.
  • Sports Arenas
    • Physical fitness is one of the most important elements of leading a healthy life. An exclusive state-of-the-art arena is designated for the students to avail the Sports facilities like: Basket Ball, Gymnastics, Table Tennis, Skating, Yoga, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Cricket and Soccer. An outdoor Gym for senior students and an indoor gym for our little ones is there for them to de-stress in their free time.
  • Outdoor Play Area
    • "The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky"- Margaret McMillan. Lot of care and attention has been paid in organizing space outdoors to stimulate children's imagination, creativity, exploration, discovery and engagement.
  • Cafeteria
    • The food in the cafeteria is healthy, nutritious and balanced. The cafeteria is neat, hygienic, well stocked and is open during school hours.
  • Infirmary
    • The infirmary of the school is well equipped and well stocked with first aid facilities. A well qualified and experienced Nurse attends to all emergencies.
  • Transport facility
    • Travelling to school will be a matter of comfort for all. We have provision of GPS & CCTV enabled Air Conditioned buses. The students are under the guidance of guards and nannies.
  • CCTV
    • To take care and to ensure the safety and security of the kids, we have a campus which is under CCTV surveillance. Therefore when everyone is under surveillance we are more prone to avoid any mishap.
  • Student Lockers
    • Unlike the traditional system The Manthan school provides well-equipped subject studios and students lockers inculcating the sense of responsibility in our students. Lockers are positioned close to each studio in-order to help students' movements while switching from one studio to another without hampering the routine.


Phone 9999116600
Email admission.ne@manthan.edu.in
Website http://www.themanthanschool.co.in/
Address Sec- 16c, Greater Noida West, U.P., Greater Noida West
Pincode 201301
CLASS FEES (Quaterly)
Pre Nursery ₹ 21000
Nursery ₹ 26100
KG ₹ 26100
1 ₹ 26100
2 ₹ 26100
3 ₹ 26100
4 ₹ 26100
5 ₹ 26100
6 ₹ 27300
7 ₹ 27300
8 ₹ 27300
9 ₹ 27300
10 ₹ 27300
11 ₹ 27300