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The Manthan School

In Grades   
Pre Nursery


School Category Coed
School Type Primary
School Board CBSE
School Timings 8am -2pm
Year Established 2015


  • Technology lab
    • Manthan believes that practical learning is more than absorbing facts, it is acquiring understanding.
  • Library- store house of knowledge
    • We at The Manthan school, train our children that,’ When in doubt, go to the Library and the more you read , the more you learn, the more places you go.
  • Art and Cultural fest:
    • Manthan believes in great exposure and giving platform to students to showcase their talent and artistic flair.
  • Japanese-style group learning programme
    • We Manthanites believe in providing innovative and immersive learning for our pupils.
  • Culture extravaganza and Discover India
    • At Manthan, we encourage students to get back to their roots and learn history, vibrant culture and rich heritage of India.
  • Member of International Taekwondo Federation
    • Manthan’s goal is to make students self-dependent and resilient through masterclasses by special instructors and masters.
  • Member of Roller skating federation of India
    • Manthan believes in holistic and cohesive development of students with a plethora of co-curricular activities like roller skating.
  • Sports Carnival-encouragement for the young athletes
    • With the help of the 5S in sports training – Stamina, Speed, Strength, Skill and Spirit, each child at The Manthan School is encouraged to discover their full potential.
  • Robotic Program for students
    • We at The Manthan School aim to improve logical reasoning skills with non- theoretical methods like the Robotic Program.
  • Olympiads-Strive for Progress, not perfection
    • At Manthan, we organise various Olympiads that help improve students' problem solving ability and challenge them to think analytically.
  • Virtual Classes: Learning is uninterrupted and highly comfortable!
    • At Manthan, virtual classes are running in full zeal and the school is keeping the academic rigour going!
  • Gymnastics
    • We at The Manthan School believe that physical activities are as beneficial as classroom learning for kids. Sports shape them not only physically but mentally!
  • Fun-Filled Adventure camp
    • At Manthan, we organise enthralling adventure camps for students to unleash themselves and face their fears. Moreover, students develop team building and interpersonal skills in these camps.
  • Educational excursions and Outdoor learning
    • Manthan believes that outdoor learning and field trips enhance the interpersonal relationships between students and help them learn about the magnificent world around them.
  • Performing Arts: Theatre
    • At Manthan, we help build confidence and spontaneity in students – inducing such skills into a child’s system assures benefit in the long run of life.
  • Inter School Competitions
    • The Manthan School believes in boosting students’ confidence and help them to conquer stage fright.
  • Go Green drive
    • At Manthan, we encourage students to plant more trees and spread the awareness of planting trees through these special plantation drives.
  • Community Services
    • Community Service Programme is an integral part of the curriculum at The Manthan School which helps students acquaint with their responsibility towards community and welfare.
  • CCTV
    • To take care and to ensure the safety and security of the kids, we have a campus which is under CCTV surveillance. Therefore when everyone is under surveillance we are more prone to avoid any mishap.
  • Infirmary
    • The infirmary of the school is well equipped and well stocked with first aid facilities. A well qualified and experienced Nurse attends to all emergencies.


Phone 9643304760
Email admission@manthan.edu.in
Website https://tinyurl.com/y2dj8raz
Address Sec 78, Noida, U.P, Noida
Pincode 201201
CLASS FEES (Quaterly)
Pre Nursery ₹ 24000
Nursery ₹ 31500
KG ₹ 31500
1 ₹ 31500
2 ₹ 31500