Instructions :

This Daily QuizTime is brought to you by Ezyschooling. You will be required to sign up (Google sign up) to access the quiz. These details will not be shared or disclosed to any third parties tying up with ezyschooling

Things you need to know!

  1. There will be a new quiz uploaded thrice a week @12PM @5PM @10PM
  2. You will be allocated a total of 20 seconds per question.
  3. You are required to select one correct option out of the four options provided to you
  4. Your daily score will be tabulated and at the end of 10 days your totals will be calculated. If your accuracy crosses an average of 80%, you will be eligible for a prize.
  5. All candidates with an above 80% average will be eligible for a lucky draw for the grand prize.
  6. Please note the topics will be varied. From popular movies, series, fun facts and not to forget academics anything can be a part of the quiz.
  7. Enjoy these non stop rounds of brain teasing questions.
  8. Stay Sharp! Stay tuned! Stay relevant!