Need to bring changes in Delhi nursery admission age criteria for year 2021-2022.

Due to coronavirus, every parent is worried about their child's future.many of us didn't take our child's admission into play school And this year(2020) no one will do so.. we as parents can teach them basics at home without any screenstudy..

BUT What we can't teach them is how to go to school, sit in class, make friends, talk to other kids, how to communicate with teachers, how to tell theirneeds.we can only make them learn academically but not behaviors..

And the problem is how will they go straight away to nursery school or formal school..will they be able to sit in class for long hours?

And hence, they will be traumatized and scared of schools forever..

Please its a request from a worried parent to make changes in DELHI NURSERY ADMISSION AGE POLICY..PLEASE INCREASE THE UPPER AGE LIMIT TO BE 4.5....

Vrinda Dudeja
3 years ago
• Nursery admission, Delhi nursery admission, education ministry