Why are Boarding Schools becoming so Popular?

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Why are Boarding Schools becoming so Popular?

In the earlier times, the term “boarding school” used to be a kind of threat to scare children and to make them follow their parents’ orders. Parents used to threaten their children by saying to them that they’d send them off to a boarding school if they won’t complete the tasks assigned to them, if they won’t study, if they would show negligent behaviour, if they’d fight with others if they’d not be a good child, etc. Boarding schools were then believed to be institutions that inflict suffering upon humans; it was believed that boarding schools have quite strict teachers and wardens who severely punish the students for even the littlest of the mistakes. However, all that was completely untrue. Such beliefs were just false beliefs that gained popularity as rumours. Boarding schools have always played a quite significant role in society by converting their students into successful and responsible citizens. They greatly aid in improving the lives of all their students. 

Boarding schools have always been quite popular. Earlier because of the threat they were, now because of their realised importance. Now people (both parents as well as children) know the significance of studying at a boarding school. The students who study at a boarding school are found to be more intelligent, responsible, well-mannered, disciplined, punctual and academically smarter than the students who receive their schooling at a regular day school. Boarding schools are not like the regular day schools; boarding schools, instead of merely focussing on making the students develop academic excellence, focus on the holistic development and growth of their students. They make their students learn to excel in every arena. 


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Reasons Behind the Increasing Popularity of Boarding Schools 

Reasons Behind the Increasing Popularity of Boarding Schools 

Nowadays, the popularity and demand for boarding schools are increasing to a great extent. There are several reasons hidden behind this significant rise in their popularity. Let’s have a look at some of those reasons. 


Cut-throat Competition in the Academic and Professional World

Cut-throat Competition in the Academic and Professional World

The recent times have become a kind of rat race for everybody. No matter how different one decides to lead it, there’s competition in every area. For instance, now a lot of people know the importance of opting for a professional course in future rather than opting for some regular degree course; but there’s the almost same amount of competition in case of both the kinds of courses. Competition is inevitable if you want to succeed. Now that the parents are aware of the cut-throat competition in the academic and professional world, they prefer to send their children to boarding schools to make them better prepared to face the competition, and that’s one of the major reasons behind the increasing popularity of boarding schools. 


Awareness Among People Regarding the Importance of Extra-Curricular Activities 

Awareness Among People Regarding the Importance of Extra-Curricular Activities: 

Gone are the times when education only meant being a well-performer in terms of academics. Now, in order to succeed in life, one is required to be good enough both in academics as well as in the extra-curricular activities. As boarding schools help one be a top performer in every arena, they are becoming the top choice of parents for their child’s bright future. 


Working Parents

Busy Parents/ Guardians

Nowadays, it’s quite difficult for families to survive solely on the income of one earning member, and so it’s required for multiple family members to work. That’s why today, in a lot of families, both the parents of a child are working. In case both the parents/ guardians are working, it becomes difficult for them to take care of the child. Tasks, like dropping the child at the school or picking the child back from school, forcing the child to study, making the child do the homework, etc. become quite difficult for the working parents/ guardians to manage, and so they prefer to send their child to a boarding school. 


The Attempt of Parents to Inculcate Discipline among Children

The Attempt of Parents to Save the Child from Distractions:

One of the main reasons behind the increasing popularity of boarding schools is the intention of parents to save their children from harmful distractions. These days, it’s quite common for children to get easily distracted; there may be n no. of reasons. So, parents find it to be better to send their children to live and study in the disciplined environment of a boarding school to save them from getting distracted from their studies. 

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