Picking the Right Toy for your Child

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Mehnaaz Khan
2 years ago
Finding the Right Toy for your Child


Toys are something that kids of every age group desire. These influence children vastly and hence parents must choose them wisely for their children. Not only should the toys be entertaining and attractive but also contribute to the child's development. Children grow every day and their interests and demands change as they grow older; and so must the types of toys available to them.
Toys for all age groups

Keep reading to learn about the perfect toys for kids of each age group but before that here are some tips that parents must keep in mind before choosing the toys for their kids.


  • Toys should be safe for the kids to use and play with. They should not be sharp, extremely small in size, or be of materials that can harm the kids in any way.


  • In no way must the toys promote sexism, racism or any other negative stereotypes. 


  • They should not have any explicit influence on the child and must be appropriate for them to use.

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How to select the appropriate toys for your child?


Further mentioned are a few toy recommendations based on the child's age, interests, and needs. This will help you in selecting the perfect toys for every age group!


Below 6 months 


Kids this young use their senses to explore their surroundings. They are inclined towards toys that are appealing to their eyes and that make some sounds and noise.


Toys suggested are:

  • Crib or floor Gyms
  • Extremely soft toys 
  • Soft musical toys
  • Soft teething toys
  • Toys with lighting effects

Toys for young babies

6 months to 2 years 


This is the phase when motor development in kids begins and they start crawling, picking and dropping things, and need to play with things that are handy and thrilling to them.


Toys suggested are:

  • Soft toys like balls, stuffed animals, dolls, etc.
  • Stackable and colorful rings or other shapes.
  • Pop up and musical toys
  • Simple toy cars
  • Soft block games
  • Pop up charts and books

Toys for toddlers

2 to 6 years 


Kids of this group are active toddlers, nursery or kindergarten children who are attracted and curious about everything around them. They develop their interests and likings by this time and they must be provided with developmentally suitable toys.


Toys suggested are:

  • Attractive general knowledge charts, books, posters, etc.
  • Tricycles and ride on bikes/cars for kids
  • Safe coloring and painting material
  • Non-toxic clay toys
  • Remote control and other toy cars
  • Dollhouses and household set toys
  • Beginner level puzzles 

Toys for kids

6 to 12 years 


By this age kids turn smart and mature. They now can coordinate even with complex mechanisms of sports and toys that require strategy and physical efforts.


Toys suggested are:

  • Bicycles
  • Zigzag puzzles
  • Skating shoes
  • Sports equipment of their choice
  • Art and craft sets
  • Electronic toys
  • Board games like chess and ludo

Toys for kids

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What are your child's favorite toys?


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