Dr. Sargam Setia

Health & Fitness Expert

  “Move . Restore . Revive”  


Dr. Sargam Setia has graduated in Bachelors of Physiotherapy from Dolphin Pg institute of Biomedical & Natural Sciences Dehradun with an internship from SMS Hospital Jaipur. She has an experience of 1 year at Pedaitric Physiotherapy Centre Jaipur. She is currently pursuing Masters of Sports Physiotherapy under Ministry of Youth Affair & Sports India and Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar. She has worked as Volunteer Physiotherapist at Dehradun Marathons. She is also certified in dry needling by Dr.Piyush Jain. Dr. Sargam Setia has also attended Manipulation workshop, PNF workshop and a BLS workshop along with IASMCON 2020. She was featured in “Her Story Times” for providing free consultation & home exercise program during the quarantine. She has an expert competence at providing Preventative & Rehabilitative Skilled Physiotherapy/ Physical Therapy Services that promote well being. She has an evidence based, hands on & innovative approach to practice. Dr. Sargam is passionate for sports & progress of players. She values leadership, hard work ethic, positive attitude & passion for habilitation. She has envisioned a great potential for the growth & progress of physiotherapy in India & has successfully contributed towards the quality of patient care & physio wellness.


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