Importance of being a Drama King/Queen in Education

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Karan Arora
2 years ago
Importance of being a Drama King/Queen in Education


Theatre, contrary to popular belief, is not just an art but also a discipline and science that enables one to adapt to all sorts of situations. Delivering dialogues on stage or in front of the camera is no less daunting a task than scoring 100 out of 100 in Math or Physics. 

In a world that is highly competitive, it becomes imperative for students to be able to stand out and make a mark for themselves and that is where the techniques learnt in Theatre come in handy. Whether it's speaking with confidence or walking with proper body language so as to create a good first impression, Theatre enables students to unleash their imagination and create awareness about their own physical and emotional personality. 

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When they laugh, cry, express anger or disappointment on stage or in front of the camera, they inherently learn to express these emotions in real life as well as a result of which they are able to express their innermost feelings with ease rather than bottling them up and creating a mental block.

The school you send your child to should have a good theatre program for the reasons mentioned above. GEMS International School, Gurgaon is a school that we would recommend for its theatre and dramatics program among many other things. The school is known for its rich cultural diversity and for having truly global values. 

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