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Ezyschooling is pleased to announce its partnership with Billabong High International School (BHIS, Noida). It is a CBSE affiliated school (from playgroup to XII). The school is a part of the 'Lighthouse Learning Private Ltd' group with a vision to be a high-quality educational platform that offers the best educational experiences to its students. It is also an ISA accredited establishment with outstanding levels of support for building global citizenship. 

BHIS envisions an ideal education that values:

  • Wisdom over knowledge
  • Individual creative thought over rote learning
  • Teaching children the value of equality despite race, religion and region.

The mission of the institution is to ignite human greatness in growing children and pre-adults - by fostering a love of learning, a talent for thinking and respect for hard work. BHIS aims to encourage students to develop a strong sense of self and to be self-motivated, critical and independent thinkers. They encourage students to recognise and promote the innate talent and skills of every student and equip them with the skills to lead successful lives. Special emphasis is laid on individualized learning and strive to make the learning process enjoyable for every child. They focus on the enhancement of 21st-century skills, the -4C'c,  which will equip students to build successful careers.

BHIS is a School of Thought. Today’s thinkers will be tomorrow’s leaders. BHIS believes in giving wings and roots to the learners’ dreams and aspirations. We nurture and value the thoughts in their subtle and curious minds which help them to steer ahead in the most appropriate direction.

billabong high international school noida


CURRICULUM AT BHIS: BHIS curriculum follows a multi-dimensional approach. It is an integrated curriculum where all subjects and disciplines are interwoven. They have based their methodology on the models of:

  • Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Multiple intelligence theory
  • VARK Model
  • Inclusive education
  • IT&E learning
  • Neuroscience & Brain Research Theory
  • Digital Age & Globalisation & Thematic learning
  • Unique LRQ model

Science classes focus on experiential learning. Children are encouraged to learn through experience and skills like debating, quiz competitions, presentations and group activities are focused upon. The curriculum at BHIS follows an interdisciplinary approach where concepts reflect upon varied areas. All concepts are integrated to make the curriculum holistic. The pedagogy is a special blend of ‘structure’ & ‘freedom’ where teachers ‘follow the child’. They provide age and grade appropriate assignments and customized remedial classes. They also provide training for competitive exams, KVPY and Olympiads. The school also participates in IIMUN and TRYST: Technovation IIT Delhi.

The School Improvement Team ensures that quality is maintained in teaching, learning, administration, environment and leadership. 

The school also organises regular career counselling sessions for students of standards 9-12, belonging to different streams with the help of a permanent Career guidance and Counselling cell.

For further details on the curriculum, visit:



CO-CURRICULARS AT BHIS: The core curriculum at BHIS is supported by an extensive list of co-curriculars to encourage the holistic development of learners. Some of these are listed below:

  1. Sports: It helps a student to inculcate discipline, confidence and learn to be a team player. Individual talents and abilities are recognised and nurtured. Options include:

OUTDOOR                                                    INDOOR

  • Swimming                                             -   Table Tennis
  • Football                                                 -   Chess
  • Cricket                                                   -   Carrom
  • Tennis                                                    -   Yoga
  • Basketball
  • Skating
  • Taekwondo
  • Shooting
  • Golf
  1. The school actively focuses on making students aware about:
  • Cybersafety
  • Bullying
  • Sexual harassment.
  •  They conduct workshops on life and social skills regularly, both on and off-campus.
  1. The school provides opportunities for students to learn western and classical dance under trained professionals.
  2. A variety of musical instruments are also taught to the students under the guidance of qualified faculty members.
  3. The school is equipped with well-maintained and well-stocked facilities to encourage students to dabble in the creative and figurative arts.
  4. Here is a list of the clubs that students can join at BHIS to enhance their educational experience:
  • EXPRESSION (Literary Club)
  • INTEGRATORS (Numeracy & Arithmetic)
  • HOME ECONOMICS (improve home life)
  • JEEVAN KAUSHAL (Life-skills)
  • PEACE (Social Science)
  • ELECTORAL CLUBS (Economics & Commerce)
  1. The school actively promotes the FIT INDIA MOVEMENT.

 To know the details about extra-curricular activities at BHIS, you can visit:




  • Director of BHIS Noida, Ms Jasmine Gandhi was featured in Forbes India, “Powerful Performers 2021”.
  • For 2020-21, BHIS secured #5 rank in Noida under “Co-Ed Day Schools” category.
  • BHIS received “Experiential Learning Award” by Education Today Jury Awards, 2020.
  • BHIS achieved #2 rank by Times School Survey 2020 under “Noida Challengers’ Category”.
  • BHIS ranked #1 in India under Top CBSE School – Parameter wise Category, for “Co-Curricular Education”by “Education Today – India’s School Merit Awards 2019”. 
  • BHIS (NOIDA) has been successful in achieving the BRITISH COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL DIMENSIONin Schools certificate for the period 2022-25.

To check out the full list of their awards and accolades follow the link mentioned below:



Apart from this, added perks include:

  • A sprawling 7acre campus.
  • Association with international universities.
  • A student exchange program with Germany.
  • Fully air-conditioned infrastructure.
  • Well-lit classrooms and 24/7 CC TV surveillance.
  • Emphasis on STEAM education.
  • Innovation in pedagogy.
  • Educational tours and exposure.
  • Laboratories – Multimedia / Science / Math.
  • Well-equipped library.
  • Spacious auditorium / Open-air Theatre.
  • Sick bay  
  • Cafeteria

To get a more comprehensive idea about the infrastructure and other related facilities, visit the link mentioned below:


For more information about Billabong High International School, Noida, you can click on the following links:




Here are a few testimonials from parents that we want to mention regarding their experiences and journey with BHIS:

  1. We came to know where our child is doing well and where further improvement can be done. Teachers are very much helpful who keep on guiding us on the overall well-being of the child.

                       -Advik Nathani’s Parents.

  1. It is a very nice experience with Billabong School. Really appreciate the practical interactive teaching techniques. Also appreciate the teaching seminars being arranged for parents - very interactive sessions where new techniques are taught to kids, in fact I will say that very rarely do we see such excellent teaching techniques - even books given to kids are also very unique.

                      -Rhythm Arya's Parents.

  1. Happy as a parent that school started the online classes so that all students can utilize their time judiciously and are abreast with the syllabus. Thanks to BHIS team.

                     -Malini Verma's Parents.

You can now take a virtual tour of the School on our website itself. We urge you to check out the following video.



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