Benefits of Chyawanprash and How to Make it at Home?

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Radhika Krishnan
3 years ago
chyawanprash benefits

What is Chyawanprash? Chyawanprash is a sweet and tangy tasting herbal jam, cooked using a number of Ayurvedic herbs. Amla is the primary ingredient of Chyawanprash. Each herb offers medicinal benefits. Chyawanprash has been used in India for centuries to boost immunity, especially in winters. 

Since their immune system is not fully developed, children tend to fall sick very often. Giving Chyawanprash is an excellent way of boosting a child’s immunity in a natural way. Kids love the taste of it, so that is an added advantage. I remember stealing Chyawanprash from my grandpa’s cupboard because he would let us have only a spoon of it. Of course, because it is medicine, hence meant to be had in limited quantities! 

Chyawanprash for kids offer the following benefits: 

  • A powerful immune booster

  • Helps in keeping cough and cold at bay

  • Aids the digestive system

  • Supports urinary health 

  • Prevents infections 

  • Supports overall strength and energy

  • Promotes healthy functioning of the heart and respiratory system

  • Purifies the blood and detoxifies the body

  • Stabilizes blood pressure

  • Helps in the production of hemoglobin and white blood cells

While a number of brands are available in the market, their quality remains doubtful. Why not make it at home? 

Here is a simple recipe that you can use to make homemade chyawanprash for your family:

The major ingredient in Chyawanprash is Indian Gooseberry or Amla. There are several other important herbs which can be bought from any Ayurvedic herbs seller. If some of the herbs are not available, you can still make it with what’s available.

Once you have all the ingredients in place, the chyawanprash recipe is easy to prepare.



Quantity(in gm)


750 gm


85 gm

Jaggery powder

750 gm


250 gm

Sesame oil

65 ml

To be made into a powder: 


Quantity(in gm)

Bay leaves

05 gm

Dry Ginger

10 gm


25 gm


10 gm


05 gm


12 gm


05 gm


05 gm


05 gm

Chinese cinnamon

05 gm

Prawal bhasma

2.5 gm


2.5 gm

Method of preparation

Step 1: Grind all the above-mentioned ingredients to make a powder and keep aside. 

Step 2: Wash amla thoroughly and pat dry using a clean cloth. Using a fork, prick the amla from all the sides. Cook them in a pressure cooker with enough water for 2 whistles. Once cooled, de-seed the Amla and mash them ensuring there are no lumps.

Step 3: Heat a pan and add ghee, sesame oil, and jaggery. Add the mashed Amla and cook it on low flame till you see the moisture evaporating. Add the powder prepared in Step 1 to this.

Step 4: Switch off the gas and add honey to this mixture. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly.

Step 5: Allow the mixture to cool and transfer to a clean jar. Your homemade bottle of goodness is ready. 

Since Chyawanprash contains sugar/jaggery, diabetics should not consume it. Children below 3 years are not advised to take it as the ingredients may produce heat in the body. Pregnant women should also consume Chyawanprash after consulting with the doctor only.

Additionally, Chyawanprash is a great immunity booster. It has different combinations of most of the things listed above in the right proportions to bolster the immunity levels. We recommend Immunoprash: 46 herbs in a spoonful! It is a home-made chyawanprash made by a mom who cares for her child just like you do.

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