Baby’s First Foods: Home-made Vs. Store Bought

Ria Wahi
a year ago
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While, it is easy to prepare food from ready-made packets, processed foods are not exactly healthy food, even though they are marketed as such. Home-cooked food is any day better than store bought packets.

Benefits of home-made over store bought baby food:

  1. Preservatives and Chemicals: Home made food is free from preservatives while most store bought foods have them. Your baby’s internal organs develop rapidly in first two years of her life. This rapid development makes the organs more susceptible to absorbing toxins. The chemicals used in preservatives can have a harmful effect on the baby’s digestive system.

  2. Unknown Storage Conditions: Packaged foods undergo a series of steps from the factory to the warehouse to the wholesaler to retailer. If storage is not proper in any of the places, it can have an effect on the quality of food. We do not know under what conditions the items have been stored.

  3. Allergic Ingredients: Some babies may be allergic to certain ingredients like nuts or eggs used in the packaged food. 

  4. Customize as per your needs: Home made food can be customized keeping in mind your baby’s taste patterns. 

  5. Multi purpose: Home made powder can be used to make many dishes porridge, idli, dosa, cakes etc. The effort put in once to prepare the powder saves cooking time and energy on a daily basis. 

  6. Safety and nutritional value of ingredients: Since you have carefully chosen the ingredients, there is no risk of adulteration. Also, the ingredients used in home made powders are high in nutritional value. 

In the next article, we will give you recipes to home made powders that are loaded with goodness for your baby. If you take care to use organic ingredients while making these, it will make it even better. Because organic products are grown free from harmful pesticides, herbicides and fungicides using compost and natural manure. If your are really pressed for time, you can also opt for organic packaged products but make sure they are FSSAI approved.

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