What Are The Mistakes You Should Avoid Making While Bathing Your Baby?

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Source: Times of India

Bathing is the way of keeping your newborn clean and healthy. However, there are some mistakes that parents shouldn't make while bathing them.

1. Don't ever make a mistake of leaving your baby alone while bathing. If there is a situation when you have to leave the spot just take the baby with you or ask someone responsible to be with the baby.

2. Always take a small tub to bathe your baby and ensure that the water is lukewarm. 

3. Start by first washing the body and lastly, the head. So, they don't feel cold for a long duration. Further, dry your baby with a soft towel and cover the head with a dry towel to prevent cold.

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4.  If your infant is under 3 months or younger, just sponge bath your baby on one day and give them a proper bath on the next day.

5. If the umbilical cord is still there, (it usually falls off within 14 days of birth) don't even take the risk of bathing them. Just sponge bath them. Along with it, handle them carefully.

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