UP Board Result 2020: 7.97 Lakh Students Fail In Hindi Exam

6 days ago
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Source: India TV

Nearly 7.9 lakh students in Uttar Pradesh, known as the Hindi-heartland have failed in Hindi in the UP Secondary Board examinations for class 10 and 12. The results were announced on Saturday. According to the Board officials, around 2.70 lakh students failed to secure passing marks in Hindi in Intermediate, while 5.28 lakh students in High School failed in their Hindi paper.

A high school teacher who evaluated Hindi copies for class 12, said on condition of anonymity, "Many of the children did not know simple words like 'atmavishwas' and wrote 'confidence', albeit with wrong spelling. Some of them wrote 'suffer' for 'yatra'. This reflects their level of knowledge of the language," she said.

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She further said that the majority of the students tend to ignore Hindi because they feel there is no need to study the language which does not offer prospects.

It is very disappointing to know that students don’t know their mother tongue well enough and tend to ignore the language and prefer English. They should be educated on the importance of native language and why one should stick to roots.

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