Tips To Let Your Kid Fill Their Tummy Without Any Resistance

Mayank Jain
2 months ago
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Source: Indian Express

  1. 'How much to eat', let this decision be taken by your kid instead of you. You can decide what to feed and your kid will decide how much. This will keep them away from forced eating and forming those undesirable associations with food. Furthermore, it will give them a sense of acceptance as you are accepting their say.
  2. You should avoid giving too many snacks to your child. Try to give only two healthy snacks per day. Consequently, they will not over-snack and will be hungry at mealtimes.
  3. Try to make the food a little appealing for your kid by trying different things such as shapes, different colour groceries, chapatis in a smaller size, some design made by them and so on.
  4. Don't over-serve or force them to finish all that they have in their plate.
  5. Remember, don't insist and force your kid. It will make them resist more. If you want your kid to eat something, show them yourself, by eating it. Even if they don't eat it, keep introducing new food. Eventually, they will start eating it.

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