Time to face parental depression in mothers

Jaladhi Sonagara
25 days ago
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Depression in mothers

Source: Indian Express


The pandemic has been a negative presence in everyone's lives. However it has also brought to the forefront certain problems that remained hush-hush throughout the years in the past. Depression in mothers in one such topic that is being discussed intensively. 

Contrary to popular beliefs, depression in mothers is not quite uncommon. The National Institutes of Health (US) study of five thousand women found that a good majority of women have experienced depression in three years after the birth of their child. The rest of the women had low levels of depression throughout a three-year span. This study further shows that depression in mothers is not uncommon.

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For years, people have ignored their problems and contributed in aggravating the problem. People often dismiss parental depression with the excuse that it goes against motherly instinct. We need to learn to be more compassionate and empathetic to mothers. It is time to embrace all aspects of parenting including the depressing and tiring ones. Seek help in case you are suffering. Your mental health along with your children should also be a priority for you.

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