Things Parents can do if their Children ever get Lost

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Things Parents can do if their Children ever get Lost

Source: The Indian Express

For parents, both new and experienced, the fear of their children getting lost is palpable. It is terrifying to think that one moment they are safe and secure with you, but may get lost in a crowded or unfamiliar environment. 


It is imperative to equip your kids with necessary skills if they ever find themselves lost. These skills may save you from a load of stress and comfort you with the fact that no matter the situation, your little ones will be able to handle it. Here are some of those necessary skills:



  • Teach your little ones to remember important landmarks:
    It’s important for children to be aware of their surroundings. It is a healthy habit to inculcate and decrease the chance of your child to feel clueless about their geographical location in times of crisis. You can begin by pointing out highly visible places, buildings, objects (or even trees) on the routes you usually take with your children and help them identify and remember them.



  • Teach them to spot a parent:
    In cases of emergency, if your child finds themselves in completely uncharted territory, it might help if they find a parent-figure in their vicinity. They can be a mother with a stroller or an adult with kids. 


  • Make them memorize and practice dialing your number/emergency contact:

            One of the most widely used ways to ensure child safety is to make them memorize your phone number or that of an emergency                contact. Even if they are lost and confused, they may have access to a telephone or can ask an adult to help them make a phone              call. 


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