“The Right School for your Child” Workshop by Ezyschooling & Unicosmos

Akshita Patnaik
20 days ago
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Workshop on school selection in Gurgaon

Parents find it very confusing to choose the right school considering there are a variety of questions and doubts they have in mind. Especially living in Gurgaon, where the options of schools are infinite. Parents tend to make the wrong decisions.

Keeping all this in mind, Ezyschooling is coming up with a workshop to address such queries and doubts and clear them in the process.

Ezyschooling has conducted more than 15 webinars in the past 3 months of the pandemic on similar topics to make parents aware of the right choice of school. Ezyschooling has already guided around 2000+ parents and also runs a Facebook group specifically to help parents with their admission queries and regular updates on school admissions. A lot of positive feedbacks were received from the parents and many parents have chosen the right school for their child, so if you are confused and looking forward to choosing the right school for your child's admission then don't worry and join our webinar.

The workshop will be held on October 11 at 5 pm in collaboration with Unicosmos, a global school in Gurgaon. The workshop will be hosted by Mayank Jain (Founder, Ezyschooling). 

All the admission-related queries will be talked about in this workshop.

The registration portal for the workshop is available online.
To register click - Register Now 

The workshop will focus on promoting the right education for the children with the promise of interaction between parents and professionals.

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