Teachers are handling children in a new environment, be patient with them

14 days ago
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Source: The Indian Express


Robert Antony, a Bengaluru base surgeon posted a video on youtube discussing thoughts with parents about the shift to online classes. Antony revealed he decided to talk about the matter after coming across a social media post criticising the ability of teachers who are taking online classes.

He said that parents often request him to come inside the operation theatre when their baby is about to get operated, and the answer is always a ‘no’. This is because the stakes increase when you are being watched live irrespective of how much experience or skill you possess.

He remarked that it is not easy to teach 30-40 students at the same time, when teaching a single child could make the parent shout. Some professions easily adapted to this online way of working while teaching is the one that needs patience and time. He further requested every parent to respect the teachers taking online classes and help them instead of being non-cooperating