Schools To Invest More In Tech Infra, Colleges In Online Assessment Tools: Pearson Study

18 days ago
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Source: HIndustan Times

Schools and colleges will invest more in technology infrastructure post lockdown. Teachers will be trained precisely on digital skills and higher educational institutions may replace traditional examination with an online assessment tool, according to a study by Pearson.

The outbreak of coronavirus has increased the adoption of digital media for the teaching-learning process. Though the change has been difficult, it has also witnessed innovation in the field which is proving to be motivational for the students. According to the study on emerging trends in education post-Covid-19, this could have a lasting impact on the trajectory of learning innovation and digitization.

Schools will use various applications like WhatsApp, zoom, teams, and emails to achieve teaching-learning objectives. Moreover, academic institutions will increase investment in permanent technological infrastructure to enable students to study even away from college. In addition to this, institutions may take up online assessments as a mode of testing students replacing the conventional pen and paper mode.