Schools in Gurgaon report better attendance

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Akshita Patnaik
2 years ago
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School Report in Gurgaon

Source: The Hindustan Times

After a month, the students of classes 9th to 12th in Haryana were permitted to attend schools in order to see guidance from teachers. The Education Department and Government schools in Gurgaon said that attendance has seen a rise as a result of increased confidence among parents and students.

However, the Haryana Government is yet to announce a decision on resuming classes for students of classes 9th to 12th which was permitted by the Centre from October 15. As per data furnished by the Education Department, attendance on the first two days went up from 4% on September 21 to 6% on September 22.

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The highest attendance was among the student of class 10th on both days. While 3% of students of class 11th sought guidance on both days. The figure increased from 4% to 5% for students of class 9th and from 5% to 8% for students of class 12th.

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