Schools across Pune prepared to reopen for higher classes

Shramana Biswas
24 days ago
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School reopen in Pune

Source: Indian Express 


Pune schools have taken the decision of reopening on January 4th this year.Classes are set to be conducted keeping in mind certain precautions of Covid-19 and maintaining the social distancing of students.However, only a few parents have agreed to send their kids to school due to the virus scare. 


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The school authorities are also  distressed due to the problems of distribution of faculty staff. From classes 9-12, about three hundred students out of five hundred have filled forms of online consent as said Anvit Pathak, director of millennium school. Teachers have also expressed concern about the practicality of conducting offline classes while following precautions. A teacher has said that temperature checks, sanitization, and sitting arrangements for hundreds of students in cramped classrooms is difficult and quite risky. Teachers are still favouring online mode of education over the offline.

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