How Schooling during the pandemic can be transformed

Pratham Suwal
a month ago
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How Schooling during the pandemic can be transformed

Source: The Indian Express

The country is shaken by the surge in Covid-19 infections over the past several weeks. The economy is in the doldrums. Students are in home confinement and the circumstances prevailing in the entire nation are impacting them and their parents. Online education was envisioned as an alternative means of spreading education, but it too fails, given the Indian students’ conditions. 

The availability and affordability of this system pose a barrier. There are also implications of longer exposure to the internet for these young kids. This may create impediments to the development of the thinking process in the younger generation. For one year, due to the pandemic and lack of physical classroom teaching, a peculiar feeling of isolation is developing in the minds of students. The whole infrastructure should be fully utilized, and if necessary, many more facilities should be invested in to impart education.

School education should visualize and set a goal to develop the logical framework and reasoning capability in the young minds in stages. The teachers and non-teaching staff should visit the locality of the students weekly to supervise the whole work. In addition, the government should take the responsibility to vaccinate the whole teaching community as fast as possible to advance this learning process.

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