School Health Ambassador Creates 24 Weeks Long Health Curriculum Out For Students

~Mayank Jain
6 months ago
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Nearly two years, post the launch of School Health Programme, the National Council of
Education Research and Training (NCERT) collaboratively with Ministry of Health and
Family Welfare has come up with a curriculum for the School Health Ambassadors.
The Union Minister of Human Resource Development Ramesh Pkhariyal and Union
Minister of Health and Family Welfare Dr Harshvardhan announced about the same.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi had launched the school health programme in April
2018 under Ayushman Bharat Programme.
Under the Ayushman Bharat scheme, two teachers, preferably one male and one female
will be appointed as Health and Wellness Ambassadors who will teach the students
about health promotion and disease prevention.
According to Pokhariyal, Teachers are the most effective catalysts of change among the
students and so have been chosen as the health ambassadors.
NCERT has designed a 24-week curriculum regarding the same, holding a one-hour
training and activity session every day for the promotion of health in students.
The training material has also been prepared jointly by the NCERT and the Health
Ministry in lines with Sustainable Development goals 3 (SDG-3).
Dr Harsh Vardhan has enlisted the 11 themes of the curriculum and training material.
He also said that the programme is in addition to the ongoing Rashtriya Bal Swasthya
Karyakram, RBSK that is also a health screening programme being carried out,
providing health services, medicines like Albendazole and sanitary napkins.
The class monitors will play the role of Health and Wellness Messengers and assist the
two ambassadors in the Health and Wellness programme.
The programme will start in the upper primary, secondary and senior secondary
schools of the districts who volunteer as of now. All other schools will be covered in the
coming year.
For training routine, a 40 member National Resource Group has been made who will be
experienced in Adolescent Health.

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