Prevent your child's body pain during online classes

Preet Ambhire
a month ago
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Prevent your child's body pain

During this ongoing pandemic, schools adopted online schooling mode for education. These classes kept the education continue, but it has its own drawbacks. Students have to sit for hours to attend virtual school, and this can cause back and neck pain to them.

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Here are a few ways to try and support them with this change in their education process:

  • Table Position: Encourage your child to sit in the correct posture. Maintain distance from the screen and take frequent breaks.
  • Stretching breaks: Increased screen time brings stress on eyes, neck and back muscles. Kids sit for too long without exercise for these classes, and this affects their health. So, ask them to have breaks and stretch their body once in a while.
  • Look away from the screen: Watching constantly at the screen can damage your eyes. Ask your kids to look away from the screen at least every 20 minutes. Try avoiding mobile phones and use laptops instead.
  • Healthy diet: A balanced and healthy diet is most essential for kids in the growing stage. Make sure that your kids get all the nutrients required for their growth.
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