Parents should make the most of summer at home with kids

Mayank Jain
20 days ago
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Parents should make the most of summer at home with kids

Source: The Indian Express

Summer arrived with Covid-19 lockdowns, and most schools are yet to reopen. Although it may appear to be a child’s dream come true, the truth isn’t so glamorous. Everyone had to adapt to and embrace life during a pandemic. And, though it has undoubtedly been difficult for parents, consider what it has been like for children.

Since children are used to ordering at school, aim to keep a loose schedule each day. Establish blocks of time for intensive work, with breaks for a healthy snack or playtime for the younger children, if they have schoolwork to do. Parents should use this opportunity to teach children a foreign language. Gardening is also a great choice for children as it allows them to enjoy the fresh air and get their hands into the work of planting directly. It also teaches them how plants are grown and where food comes from.

Playtime is an important part of maintaining a sense of normalcy in children’s lives as well as promoting emotional well-being. Parents should spend little time outside, if possible, by playing in the backyard or going for a walk around the block. While it’s important to provide children with the structure, stimulation, and guidance they need, ensure that children understand that their parents need some alone time to complete their work.

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