Parents conflict can change the way kids behave

Jyoti Singh
18 days ago
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Effect of parents’ conflict on kids

“Kids are like emotional Geiger counters,” says psychologist E Mark Cumming. Kids pay close attention to their parents’ emotion for information about how safe they are in the family. When parents are always fighting, the collateral damage to kids can last a lifetime. Conflicts between parents are inevitable, but they don’t have to hurt kids. 

It is not about whether parents fight or not. It’s about how they resolve conflicts. Watching some conflicts can be even fruitful for kids- when kids see their parents work out their problems.

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Avoiding conflicts is not a solution. Here are some tips:

1. Lead your partner with empathy. Begin by letting him or her know that you see them and understand them.

2. Remember that you’re on the same team. Deal with issues one by on by placing all cards on the table. Try solving the dilemma. Do not dig in on the opposing side.

3. Constructive criticism works only when your partner can do something about what has happened. Try to find the best possible solution out of a problem.

4. Lastly, and probably the simplest to understand, be kind.

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