Parental Guidance: Research suggests kids may have COVID-19 immunity predating pandemic

Shramana Biswas
6 days ago
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Source: Indian Express has published a study that says that children are low risk to the virus due to their improved immunity. carries a compilation of analyses from around the world and this one study was conducted by scientists at the Crick Institute in London who analyzed blood samples and ran tests to arrive at this conclusion.

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In the study printed in, it states that “immunological memory after infection with seasonal human coronaviruses (hCoVs) may potentially contribute to cross-protection against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).” This means that some children already had antibodies before the pandemic broke out. Just like our bodies have long-term memory, we've immunity memory, too, which may facilitate in chasing away COVID-19.

The good news—if you glide by this study it says that children can stay protected due to inherent antibodies they developed over time. However, though they may catch the virus, they're going to recover speedily. And once the vaccine is commercially on the market, they're going to have that added protection.


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