Music: A Tool For Mental Development

~Krithika Nityanand
8 months ago
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Music education in schools isn’t always taken seriously in India. Children need to be presented with opportunities to expand their minds and be open to learning. There are a lot of benefits in music education it is proven that learning music facilities enhance learning ability in children. Music learning helps develop the motor social and emotional skills in children along with improving the overall literacy rates as well. Playing a musical instrument requires you to use both the hands since the nerve of the hands are interconnected to the brain, they help in activating regulation in both left and right hemisphere of the brain.

Benefits of music education:

  • Boosts self-esteem 
  • Teaches cooperation and building relationships. 
  • Gives social experience and exposure
  • Boosts self-confidence

Interweaving music education with regular academics is one of the most creative ways to enhance and boost holistic learning among children. Today many educational institutes are gaining awareness about the benefits of music education and incorporating music education in their regular curriculum.

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