Masks, Distancing In Classrooms For Karnataka Class 10 Exams

7 days ago
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Source: NDTV

Class 10 board exams for over eight lakh students began in Karnataka on June 25. Despite the safety of students, the state board decided to conduct examination by taking the necessary precautions.

"I feel this is a duty that is being performed by the state government. In our state, the 10th standard is a milestone in a student's life. We consulted many people and decided to hold the examinations. We have also submitted an SOP to the High Court which gave a green signal," state Education Minister Suresh Kumar said.

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“Children's safety is a top priority. In each room, only 18 students will be allowed, 20 if the room is bigger. Social distancing will be maintained. Each student will be tested with a thermal scanner and if a student forgets a mask, the centres will give one. Sanitizers will be used. We also request parents to cooperate and maintain social distance at the gates," he detailed the preparations.