Making Hand Washing An Enjoyable Activity For Kids

a month ago
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Source: Times of India

It's necessary to wash your hands for good health and it has become more important amidst this pandemic, with the spread of the coronavirus. However, we can simply just sanitize or wash our hands but, when it comes to kids, we all know they will not do it unless they find it interesting or attractive. So, here are some tips on what to do for the kids to make them choose this habit. 

1. It is possible that children don't wish to wash their hands because it is a difficult task for them. Maybe because they have to face difficulties while opening the tap or something else. So, you should make it easy for them.

2. We can add some appeal for them in the process of handwashing by adding something that interests them. For example, their favourite handwash bottle or maybe a cute-little bottle just for them or hand towel.

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3. You can draw a kid washing his hands or your kid himself could draw it. After all, kids like to draw what they do and do what they draw. So, drawing can actually help in this case.

4. Imitation is a trait found in every kid. Kids like to imitate their parents. So, let them observe you washing your hands.

5. Showing them instead of telling them the benefits of handwashing can also assist in making this habit enjoyable.

6. Singing rhymes and poems is also an activity that kids love so much. So, why don't you try to make them sing while washing their hands?

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