How to know if a child has some special needs

Pratham Suwal
a month ago
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How to know if a child has some special needs

Source: The Indian Express

When the parents look at an infant, there are a variety of special needs that are noticeable and apparent. However, there are occasions when the parents need to be on the lookout for a signal that may indicate a problem or that requires their involvement.

Children with special needs may have more mental health needs for a variety of reasons. They could be under more pressure and face more difficult social challenges. They may be limited in their language skills or suffer from nervous system symptoms that impair their mental health. They are more likely to be exposed to trauma, such as neglect, bullying, and restraint. Trauma may also cause mental health issues. Panic attacks, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and behavioral issues are common mental health diagnoses among children with special needs.

If a child’s attitude or behavior appears to shift unexpectedly they may need mental health treatment. A parent may need to assist their child and also they must take them to a licensed mental health therapist for children with special needs, to understand how the child responds to stress. Along with some good habits, parents can even guide their children and can provide them with healthy outlets to process their anger, frustration, or other feelings that come up. While parents may take care of their precious children, they should never forget to take care of themselves to avoid burning out.

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