It's Not A Vacation, It's A Time Bonus

2 months ago
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It is distressing to see what the world has been going through since the outbreak of the
coronavirus disease. We as adults are still volatile to change but it’s not quite a welcome in the
routine lives of young children and puts them into a perplexed state of mind which therefore
hampers overall development.
Hence, it is important to adopt some smart parenting hacks and use this time wisely.

“The responsibility of parents should not just be limited to safeguarding their children from
infection but also making this extended break from school a fruitful experience for them. Please
remember this is not a vacation time for kids as well as for you as a parent. Therefore, setting up
a schedule is the first thing you can do as a parent or a caregiver. Have them get up at the same
time daily and fix their bedtime as per their regular school days. This is a way to ensure that their
body’s biological clock doesn’t get disturbed.” said Dr. Prachi Bisht, Scientist (Human
development and Family studies)


Source: The Tribune