It is now easy being a single parent to your child

Kajori Biswas
12 days ago
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Single parenting

Source: Indian Express

Many people are thinking of being a single parent to their kid. It can be beneficial for children as they grow in a less chaotic and happier environment. All parents, married or single, go through similar kind of troubles; the matter is how you handle it.

The difficulty is to handle your work and child simultaneously, which can make you socially isolated.

Pointers to remember: 

  1. Make a schedule for your kids but don't change your routine as well.
  2. Always show love and praise your child.
  3. Set ground rules to teach them discipline.
  4. Never feel guilty for being a single parent.
  5. The child learns from you so, include exercise in your daily routine.
  6. Do not feel shy to ask for advice from your family and friends.
  7. Avoid being negative around the child.
  8. Indulge in a talk with them on a daily basis.
  9. Keep your adult stress away from your kid.

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