Indian Parents Reluctant To Send Kids Back To School After Lockdown, Survey Reveals

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7 months ago
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Source: The Indian Express


The sudden outbreak of coronavirus and its prolonged sustainability has coerced everyone to be helpless and trapped. During this time, when the disease is rapidly increasing its margin in the country, parents are reluctant to send their kids to school after the schools reopen, which are closed since March. Parents are in no hurry and would prefer to wait till the disease gets completely under control.

In a survey by ParentCircle, it has been established that 92 percent of Indian parents are against sending their children to school and can wait till the diseases fades out completely. The survey consist data of 12,000 respondents. This resistance does not confide only in one city but most of them. 56 percent of the parents are opinioned to send kids to school only after a moth of reopening. Whereas 15 percent of parents happy to adopt the new style of education, ‘Homeschooling’.

The survey also covered other aspects of social and cultural events and gatherings like birthday parties and it was found that 64 percent of the parents would not let their kid go to birthday parties even if social distancing norms are followed.

Similarly, while 35 per cent of parents are willing to let their children play with other kids, but with social distancing norms, 50 per cent want to wait and assess the situation before deciding. Fifty per cent of parents have said no to malls and movies for the rest of the year, but less than 0.5 per cent are willing to enjoy these activities as soon as the lockdown ends.


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